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Are you ready to start LIVING, by OWNING and CONQUERING your MIGRAINE?

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Hi there, fellow pain sufferer,

If you’re reading this, then you are likely a woman who’s seen about every health professional and every specialist migraine clinic known to man. You are sick of lying in a silent darkened room and being a guinea pig for every trial medicine that comes on the market.

You can never plan anything, or go anywhere, because the chances are, you’ll have a migraine and ruin it for the whole family. You spend most of your time trying to sleep off pain – or the muzzyheadedness, in the hope that it will wear off enough that you can get through the simplest of tasks in looking after your family.

Your marriage is probably under strain. Or if you’re single, then there is absolutely no chance of a relationship.

Your kids need their mum and you long to drag yourself out of the big black hole that sucks you down into your non-life. In fact, you are painfully aware that you’re not living at all.

Well don’t worry any more, because I was all of the above, and I’m right here with you.

It’s good news because it’s all about to change.

I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned so you can adopt a more natural approach that will minimize your dependence on prescribed medicine. (May not completely replace)


  • Less pills means more energy and thinking ability.
  • More energy means you can rouse yourself out of your depression.
  • You will lose weight.
  • You will gain confidence.
  • You’ll learn to listen to your body’s signals.
  • You’ll learn routines that will free you and not chain you down.
  • Your Libido will return.
  • You’ll have pain free time for the kids.
  • All of this will give you the impetus to tap into the inner you, discover your creative ambition, your inner genius.
  • You’ll have ambition and a sense of purpose for the first time in years.
  • You’ll Live! Live! Live!


I managed to do all those things.

I went from not being able to read a book, to writing four. You can check out my Dark Romance Fiction at

Sounds too fantastic?

I’m living proof it works.

I managed to minimize my prophylactic medication and say no to any brain numbing increases. I had enough newfound concentration to research the answers and meditate deeply, and rediscover that thing I always wanted to do – and I did it.

In the UK you are classed as a Chronic Migraine sufferer if you are flat on your back for more than fifteen days each month. That was me, but not any more.

I had mood swings, anxiety and depression resulting in regular suicidal thoughts.

My marriage broke up; I was made redundant from the job I’d been in for 19 years. Then through the subsequent divorce, I lost my home that had been in my family for four generations. You could say I was at rock bottom.

But even then I had a Kernel of an idea that it was in my power to change my life.

I discovered my inner genius – the thing that is totally unique to me that I can contribute to the world …


edmunds 002

I want to be a part of the same journey with you.

I want to share what I learned so you too can reduce your pain and have something to get up for in the mornings to get excited about – The real accomplished you!

FANTASTIC! Here we go on the journey of your life!

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Are you ready to start LIVING, by OWNING and CONQUERING your MIGRAINE?

Join me in my 2-week email MIGRAINE WISE course and get started right away


Find your own creative genius.

Join me on my free 2-week email course and get going right away!

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This is me:

I live in a tiny cottage in Kent in the South East of England with my two grown up kids. This is where I do all my writing and daydreaming.

I’m a cowgirl who loves nature and the countryside – you could say I’m a bit of an oddball. I love guitar bands and still go to the odd gig or two. I love to paint, renovate old furniture, and curling up with a good book.

The great thing is, I am no longer in a prison. I’m only limited by my own imagination …