You’ve been told what you can’t eat, lets learn what you can!

The best way to explain all the lovely things you can eat is to give you a typical menu.

We’ll use a normal work day when you don’t have much time. It’s easy quick food that doesn’t need tons of preparation.

Breakfast: Scrambled/fried,boiled eggs with salmon, sausages or bacon. accompanied by a little wilted spinach, grilled tomato, asparagus tips, or avocado. Cheese can be grated over.

Midmorning/afternoon/evening snacks: Avocado with cubes/slices of cheese, hard boiled eggs with celery,  cucumber and cream cheese, olives, celery with cream cheese, turkey slices with variations of any of the above.

Lunch: Grilled chicken with side salad, tinned sardines/tuna with feta cheese and salad, Prawns or burger (no bap) with salad, Sliced ham with salad. Vary ingredients of salad and include sprouting beans, radishes, peppers and walnuts.

Dinner: Baked Salmon with vegetables (green leafy or salad) Pork chop with green beans, Grilled Tuna, Beef steak, beef burger, grilled chicken, lamb kebabs. All can be eaten with a variation of all the vegetables or salads allowed. (Avoid root vegetables, peas and sweetcorn as high in carb/sugar content)

All the above takes minutes to prepare and cook, plus you will get quicker with practice.

  • What do I do if I crave sugar? – Stevia sweetener will be your saviour. Supplement one of your snacks with a natural yogurt sweetened with Stevia and have with a melon chunks or swirl in some cocoa for a mousse and when you get really good at managing your carbs – handful of blueberries or raspberries makes a great evening snack and kills those cravings. A point to note, if you avoid the sweet taste completely your cravings will eventually subside. If you begin to crave sugar after eating these treats, it could be best for you to avoid them completely.

For a full comprehensive guide to recipe ideas and carb content of the foods you can eat, i recommend you invest in a copy of the New Atkins New You. I guarantee you’ll refer to it constantly.

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With this book you’ll be all set. I will be producing my own e-book in the next few months that is particularly tailored to migraine, and will accompany the goals of those following this blog, so stay tuned.


  • Will this diet work for everybody? – The short answer is yes by varying degrees. The migraine brain varies in sensitivity and so will its triggers. Everybody will lose weight, have more energy and feel more positive, but to promise you no migraines at all would be false. As i’ve said before there will always be those times when other triggers come together (such as tiredness, weather and stress) and a migraine will come. At least this way you are taking some of the load off and lessening the frequency.
  • Do I still need to fill out the diary log? – Yes. You will still want to plot any patterns. There may be certain foods that you cannot eat at all or re-introduce.
  • Will the diet replace my preventative medication? No. Please don’t just come off your meds. Consult your doctor before beginning the diet and let him know what you are trying to achieve. It may be after you are getting good results with the diet, that you can reduce your meds and maybe eventually come off them completely. I use a bit of both – diet and medication. That’s what works for me.
  • I am a man, will it still work for me? Yes. The only people that will find only limited or no help from the diet, are those whose migraine is caused by a previous trauma or head injury, or by an underlying illness. These reasons are usually the first thing your Neurologist rules out with a physical examination, MRI and CAT scans. This diet is most effective for those with genetic migraine disease  – particularly triggered by hormone fluctuation.
  • Does it matter what age I am? No, the diet can be adapted to all ages and works for all ages.
  • Will the diet help with my anxiety and depression? Yes, sugar highs, including comfort foods such as pasta, are always followed by sugar lows. This in turn will give you low feelings and mood swings. Avoid the yo-yoing and your mood will be more even. It is important to remember here that tests show that the migraine brain is low in serotonin (the happy chemical) making you more predisposed to depression. Keeping your sugar level even will help, but other methods to lift you out of depression should be employed as well. We’ll look at some of those in future blog posts. But remember, just by taking charge of your life, will make you start to feel more positive.
  • Is this just another Quack way to take my money? No, I am an author, not a medical person. I offer my advice and sell books. Thats it. I make no promises. The hard work is up to you.
  • Do I need a coach or can i do it on my own? No you don’t and yes you can. I offer you enough information to do everything i suggest on your own. Some people do like the extra support of a mentor.
  • Is this a place that tells me migraine symptoms and stuff to avoid? No, i will give you handy hints and suggestions, but I leave that stuff to the many excellent medical blogs run by far more qualified people than me. I’m all about living with migraine and getting some sort of quality of life. It is something I managed to do, and I want to share what I learned with other people.
  • Can I diet without exercise? Yes, the diet will work without exercise, but I don’t advise it. Even if it is just a gentle walk with the dog, or a Pilates/yoga class, it will be beneficial to you, both mentally and physically, by loosening tense muscles that can cause migraine.
  • Why am I hypersensitive to everything? The fact is that the greatest medical minds don’t yet know. All they know is that a migraineurs brain is hypersensitive and it runs in families, and it is a much underfunded and under researched disease.
  • What hope is there, will my migraines ever stop? Well, they seem to be finding out stuff about it all the time. More and more research is finding out fascinating facts related to the disease, but at the moment, it is unlikely that a complete cure will be found. But I do believe with the right management you can have a balanced life like me.
  • How can I even hold down a job, my migraines are so frequent? I was like you. I was a chronic migraineur who had to lay down with a cold compress for more than half of every month. But with this diet and the right levels of prophylactic medication I do have a life. I managed to tap into my creativity and became a published author. (You can check out my work at By working for myself, I can take regular rests and work when I need to. By working on-line, it allows me the freedom to work and take the time that need when a migraine comes. You’ll be surprised how that can work.
  • How could that work for me? Have you ever examined yourself that deeply? Is there something you have always been good at, but never had the energy or health to try? That’s the part I love best. I”d love to work with you to help you find that thing inside you, because I know you have it. Migraineurs are the ideas people of the world.

Thats where we will go to in my next blog.

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What Can I Eat to Avoid Migraine & FAQ

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