It’s genetic, you were born with it, and the chances are, you’ll be one until you pop your clogs.

That’s what I mean when I talk about OWNING your migraine. It’s something you are, not something that happens to you.

Ironically, the minute you do that, you can actually do something about it.

That’s what I eventually did. After years of moaning about my migraines, trying so many harmful painkillers, and trying just about every natural and homeopathic remedy, it wasn’t until I accepted them as part of me that I began to see the change.

The first thing I did was to keep a detailed log – Frequency, diet, and how I felt – symptoms and mood etc.


This is how I switched it around.

Point of view before: I was a hopeless drug addict, forced to be dependent on prescription drugs in order to function in day-to-day life. I had no life and nothing to look forward to.

POV after I started to take charge: I worked on getting my medicines to that sweet spot where it was effective in the reducing the pain and duration of my migraines, but not fogging up my brain too much. In fact, a little fog helped with that illusive concentration I’d always lacked. I started to be able to work and get ideas.

POV before: If I worked hard all week, when the weekend came, I’d always be flat on my back with a migraine. I had no life even if I managed a whole week at work.

POV after: After keeping my logs for quite some time, I realized there was a pattern. I did get a much higher amount of migraines at the weekend. So I began to analyze what was different about them. I realized that my body and brain slowed down at the weekend after going ninety miles an hour all week. I had late nights and I slept in.

I quickly got into a routine of going to bed no later than 11 p.m. and waking up at 7 a.m. even at the weekends. I started to get results with a significant reduction in the amount of weekend episodes. It became very evident that if I pushed myself too hard and became exhausted, I would sleep too heavy and a migraine would come.

POV before: It felt like everything I ate was a trigger, so I ate as little as possible and would feel faint and shaky. Eat regular and often, the doctors would say, and so I piled on the weight. I’d eat lunch and have a migraine come on within an hour after eating. I couldn’t win either way.

POV after: I studied my diet log. It was true; there was a definite pattern in the amount of migraines that started after lunch. I went armed with this when I saw my Endocrinologist. He advised me on the diet I’ll share with you. It is a low carb no sugar diet and it was then that my life really started to change. I lost all the excess weight and the extreme mood swings and the frequency of my migraines lessened dramatically.

Life suddenly got full of promise. I was feeling in control for the first time. I was taking charge and getting results.

This could absolutely be you!

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My life now

Funnily enough I’ve had a migraine threatening as I write this – a result of my soya milk that I am using to reduce my hot flushes (I’m at that age). But I’ll sleep it off for an hour this afternoon and I’ll be able to get back to writing.

edmunds 017Because that’s what I do – I get a symptom and I adapt and adjust my life until it eases.

I’m a writer of Dark Fiction – you can check out my work at I write this blog. I’m active on Facebook, tumblr, and twitter. I am a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors. I post on wattpad. I’m on goodreads. I have my own horse and compete in rodeo. So you could say that I have an active life.

I’m a migraineur, but I have a life!

With a few simple steps and ongoing self-monitoring, you too can live with this thing. You can have a life …

Getting to Grips With Migraine

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