I was once skeptical

When I was searching for the answer to my migraines and I was at my lowest, I honestly felt hopeless, like there was absolutely nothing I could do personally. I’d tried everywhere, seen every professional, over a very long time. Even so, if I’d met someone like me then, I would have probably scoffed and thought what could you possibly say that was new to me?

The thing is, that every expert you see is a specialist in his or her field. When I saw a Neurologist, they didn’t speak to my Cardiologist, who didn’t speak to my Gastroenterologist, who didn’t speak to my Endocrinologist. And yet each of those fields had a bearing on my migraines.

I wished I could have found a migraine coach who had suffered what I had, and could have offered me advice as a whole person. Instead of searching everywhere, it would have been great to find somewhere like this – a one-stop place – a resource for support and advice.

It is so frustrating the years I wasted, and I don’t want you to go on like I did. The right advice at the right time can help reduce your attacks. With lifestyle, diet, and relaxation, techniques, it is possible. But as well as all that, you can also work on your self-development, to reprogram your mental impulses, that by your condition, makes you wired to be miserable. It is possible to beat the blues. And you’d be amazed how that alone works for pain prevention.

Maybe you think that it’s all a bit too generic? Well, a migraineur’s triggers are many and varied, and the only way to be successful is to work with the person as a whole – something that a health professional has little time to do.

And that would be too expensive –The last health professional I saw for my migraines four years ago cost me £150 for an hour. That’s about $212 at today’s exchange rate. You can already see that to get individual advice through coaching makes sense.

Today there are life coaches, health coaches, coaches for this, coaches for that, so is it value for money? That depends on what value you put on the outcome.

For me, the information I gained was worth more than money to get my life back:

  • To be relatively pain free
  • To have energy for my kids
  • To be slim and healthy
  • To regain my self-esteem
  • To find my life’s purpose
  • To look forward to the future

It’s difficult to put a price on these things, but for me, it has been worth every penny I’ve had to scrimp together to get it. Once you understand what it is to be a migraineur (which you all do) then you know that it isn’t just a bad headache, but a disease that affects the whole body, and one that few outsiders truly understand.

I understand and I’ve made it my life’s mission to help.

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Jenny M - 2_web

Jenny M aged 30

“I feel great and it’s all down to you Tracy, and I haven’t had a migraine for months!!!”

Linda P - After

Linda P aged 68

Pain Makes us Skeptics

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