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What does it mean to be Migraine wise?

Well the one thing I learned in the nineteen years of collecting and managing data for the UK NHS (National Health Service), and a life time of seeking treatment from medical specialists that never confer, is this:

You must treat each migraineur as an individual and as a whole – that is for pain, as well as healing of the mind and the body. And even then it will be age dependent and must be adjusted accordingly.

That is why migraine is almost impossible to cure completely. There are simply too many variants. And even if you live the most perfect sedentary life, when the planets all align a migraine will still come. The fact is a lot of it stems from genetics and runs in families. I suffer from them, my daughter suffers from them, and my mother and even my grandmother did too. Noticing a pattern?

So what hope is there?

Well, while all the above is true; there is an upside to being in this genetically special group. Yes really!

First of all I want you to follow my thought process that bothered me when I was just prescribed mind-numbing drugs.

  • That there is a well documented link between chronic migraine and mood disorders – particularly depression and anxiety.
  • Even when they compared chronic migraine sufferers to those suffering lower back pain for a period of three months or more, those with back pain did not suffer depression at the end of that time. This proved that their depression was linked to their migraine particularly, and not just because they’d been in continuous pain.
  • The similarity between the brain of someone suffering depression to a migrainuer is identical. The brain sends chemical messages from one neuron to another. Each shares a messenger called serotonin – often referred to as the happy chemical, it is normally deficient in those suffering depression and migraine. Hormone changes in men and women affect depression. In most women hormone changes are also important for migraine. People with migraine, depression, and anxiety are more sensitive to changes inside their body and around them.
  • Links between migraine and epilepsy – Migraines are sometimes preceded by auras (sensations such as dizziness, ringing in the ears, seeing zigzag lines and flashing lights), which are thought to begin as a result of excess excitability in the brain – like seizures. Genetic tests results strongly suggest that epilepsy and migraines with auras often have a shared genetic cause. This would explain why epilepsy drugs are sometimes used in the treatment of migraine.
  • Links between migraine and ADHD – Migraine triggers associated with hypersensitivity – such as light, noise, smell, taste, crowds etc, are the same ones that agitate adults with attention problems ADD/ADHD.

Of course someone with migraine doesn’t suffer from all these things, but they could very well suffer from one of them. But what are the common traits with them all?

Increased Brain Activity creates hypersensitivity – Each one is very often preceded by a period of manic brain activity resulting in a detrimental episode – for a migraineur it is a debilitating migraine, followed by a crash of depression. Add poor diet and a lack of exercise into the mix and you have a recipe for constant migraines.

So what is the good news that I keep harping on about?

Did you know that a large proportion of entrepreneurs, artists, and inventors, are migraineurs? Are you getting it yet? They get ideas – loads of them. Often received in rapid fire as a precursor to their migraines. You may even be struggling as an artist or an author already.

Imagine if you could manage the pain and work on that illusive concentration, but keep your natural brain activity that gives you all those brilliant ideas. The world would be your oyster. Just think what you could achieve. The very thing you thought was a curse, is the thing that marks you as special. You are a thinker, a dreamer; it’s now time to be a doer.

There are practical logical steps you can take, and I can show you how I did it – how I became Migraine Wise.

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What Does it Mean to Be Migraine Wise?

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