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How you can start to keep your migraines at bay right away!

It was a revelation to me when I started to piece together the connection between migraine and lots of other conditions related to brain activity and hypersensitivity. I started to look at all the other well documented connections and triggers, such as:

  • Diet – including particular foods such as cheese and chocolate
  • Stress – caused by external forces and hormonal issues such as PMS
  • Hormonal fluctuation
  • Lack of sleep or too much sleep
  • Dehydration and hunger – going without meals
  • Food intolerances
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Medications
  • Odours
  • Bright or flickering light

The list could go on longer, but these are the most common. They should all be familiar to you, and your migraines will probably be triggered by a few of them – if not all at certain times.

The thing with migraine is that any one of the above triggers in isolation would probably not cause an attack, but a few in conjunction with a night of alcohol and bad sleep, or a heavy week at work, followed by inactivity at the weekend, and you can more or less guarantee a migraine. That’s what I like to call – when all the planets align.

You just have to accept that your hyper brain activity causes your body to be hypersensitive. It’s just how it is and you just have to accept it and work with what you’ve got.

But it’s not hopeless. Once you know all of that, you can get to work.

It’s time to strip it all back and start again. You need to learn to read your signals and gradually introduce things gently, and if you get any warning signs, then ease off immediately.

So what can you do right away?

Sign up for your free Diary Logs, so you can chart exactly how you feel every point in the day for a 31-day period. There is one for migraine frequency, one for your diet, and one for your mood. You should continue to log your life until you feel confident enough that you don’t need to.

You must begin by implementing the following. Do them exactly as I say, and do not skip any. Cherry picking will not get rid of your migraines.

I’m assuming that if you’re reading this then you have already seen at least one specialist, and that you are on some kind of prophylactic medication, if not heavy duty as-and-when painkillers.

  • Step 1 is to make an appointment straight away with your health provider and get the okay for reducing your sugar level dramatically. Bear with me, it will be worth it.
  • The next thing you must do is aim to get at least seven hours of sleep at night – no more, no less. Set an exact time to go to bed at night and exact time top get up in the mornings – even at the weekends.
  • Cut out all sugar – ALL SUGAR. This is extremely important. This includes alcohol. Not so much for the alcohol content (which is a trigger) but for the sugar it contains.
  • Switch all your skin care products to simple natural fragrance free ones. I want you to even avoid perfumes for a while.
  • If you work in an office, make sure your PC isn’t against a window with the light behind it. Your eyes will travel from the artificial light of your screen to the bright daylight and will act as a trigger. Ask to have you PC moved or change desks. I’m sure they will be okay with it if it means less days off sick.

You should carry on with the medication as directed by your doctor. After a time when you are managing your life successfully, you can then talk to them about very gradually reducing your dosage. It may be that you will never get off them completely.

The above measures will help you all, but for more individual guidance you must go to the next level, where we can really work together to get to the bottom of what your particular triggers are, and tailor your advice dependent an your age and life stage.

Then we can work with all those ideas that have been muted for so long.

I can’t wait to work with you.

Good luck with it and let me know how you are getting on.

Keep Your Migraines at Bay Today!

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