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Success stories

I want to share with you a story of a lovely lady I managed to help. Linda P, aged 68, from Hastings in the UK – A lifelong migraineur like most of us, but with the added responsibility and stresses of having a daughter with Down’s Syndrome living at home. She is her full time carer.

At the time she came to me she was exhausted, suffering migraines regularly and generally run down. She’d tried various diets to give her more energy and to lose weight, all of which hadn’t been successful. Straight away we put some things in motion:

  • I recommended a very low carb no sugar diet (The New Atkins – UK Link / US Link) Is a great source of recipes and lists of prohibited foods.
  • Regular bed times and scheduled ‘me’ time.
  • Gentle exercise
  • Post menopausal estrogen replacement (In her case, Soya worked really well)
  • Good quality vitamin supplement

What I didn’t know right away was that she’d put her husband and daughter on the same regime (Minus the soya).

The results were amazing. Here’s what she had to say:

“I have dropped from a size 18/20 to 14/16 in 5 months. I have no headaches to speak of, more energy, and I feel much better about my self. What was great about working with Tracy was that if I got a problem or something wasn’t working we could discuss it and try something else.”

Linda P - BeforeLinda P - After

She found the perfect relaxation was Indian Head massage and gentle walks with her little dogs. I asked her what she did with all that excess mental energy, she replied, ”I attend meetings and action groups to improve services for other children like Michelle.” It was truly inspiring to speak to her.

That wasn’t all, her husband, although not a migraineur, benefitted by losing 3 stones and has loads more energy too.

But the most amazing thing of all was her daughter Michelle. With a thyroid problem, she is prone to being overweight and suffers migraines around period times.

“Michelle is 30 and has Down’s Syndrome she has dropped 2 stones, and has lowered her cholesterol. She still has the occasional burger, as we have all done, but has cut out her complex carbs and sugar. This is to demonstrate it will work for people that have thyroid and other related health problems as well as migraine. Her skin used to erupt with her migraines around period times and that has almost gone completely. I can’t thank Tracy enough for being there for us.”

It was also great to learn that Michelle has the best social life and goes out to dance regularly and leads a full and active life.

Michelle P - BeforeMichelle P - After

The great thing about Linda’s case was that I was able to work one-to-one with her. She had faithfully filled in her migraine frequency, food, and mood logs, so we could really get the nub of her problem together. That is something you can only do when you work closely like that.

You may be managing your migraines through medication from your medical provider, but are dealing with depression and low energy. We can also work on getting those happy chemicals going in the brain, in conjunction with other techniques, to get you actively thinking and building on your life’s purpose. That will get you out of the doldrums like nothing else.

How long would you need a coach for?

It differs from person to person. Some people find a course of four delivered twice a month is perfect for them, or one a month for four months. Some prefer having one a month on an ongoing basis. It really depends on the individual, and how confident they become.

Does working one-to-one appeal to you?

Then maybe coaching is what you need.

I offer coaching for $99 per session or $299 for a 4-session package delivered over Skype or Facetime.

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